We offer one of the best enhancements to F-Series trucks with Right Hand Drive conversions and give the Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux, Nissan Navara Jeep and Volkswagen Amarok a complete off-road package with the backing of Ironman 4×4 accessories to provide a second to none and take the best of what is on the market and provide a complete financeable package. One-stop-shop with brand partners like Ironman 4×4 only Raptor conversions can offer 5 years warranty on all product that exceeds most new car manufacturers.

We are part of a speciality vehicle manufacturer group ( Engineering facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane and in the US) spanning the East coast of Australia with representation in both South Australia and Western Australia for peace of mind motoring “we have got you covered”. It is true that we trust our partners to give great service; we have worked hard to source and verify their services and would not recommend them if they were not suitable, but we also want our clients to have the freedom of choice. We can help them make an informed decision if necessary but ultimately the decision must lie with them. We are a debt-free family-owned company. Our conversions consistently leads the industry in quality, innovation and dedication to customer service since our inception.